What does a Little Reader multisensory lesson look like?

The philosophy behind the multisensory method is that it is easier for children to absorb and retain new information when several senses are stimulated. This means that instead of just reading a word aloud as you flash the word on the screen, you would read the word card and follow up with a picture card representing the meaning of the word.

An advantage to this technique is that it teaches children the meanings of words, rather than just exposing them to how they are pronounced.

Little Reader lets you to attach several pictures to one word, so each time your child views the lesson for a particular word, a different picture will be displayed. You can also choose to attach different pronunciations and picture audio; this will effectively give your child an opportunity to understand the word's full meaning.


Full support for different display modes

Choose to show words, images and videos for your presentations. You'll also be able to dictate what order they should appear in.


Attach and use different media

Show your child multiple pictures, sounds and videos that change each time a single word is displayed. You can even continue to add pictures, sound effects and other media to each word, increasing your child's understanding of each word's meaning!

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