Keys to use during playback

This tutorial will teach you which keyboard and mouse keys you need to use during your Little Reader playback. Whether you want to go forward through the slides, repeat or go back, you'll learn how to navigate through your presentations.

  1. Let's start by opening the program. On your desktop, click on the Little Reader icon.



  2. After opening, the first thing you will see is the Home screen. If you want to just start playing your lessons with little or no customization, all you need to do is to choose the course you want to play, select the day's lessons, and press the play button.


  3. To go back and forth between the lesson days in your curriculum, click on the Back and Next buttons. 


  4. If you want to skip ahead in the curriculum, click on the black arrow, scroll down, and highlight the day you want to play.

  5. Make sure your speakers are turned on so you won't miss the sound effects and the picture audio.


  6. To advance to the next slide, you can use the left click on your mouse, the right arrow, spacebar, or the enter key on your keyboard.


  7. To repeat the slide, click on the mouse wheel or press the down arrow on your keyboard.

  8. To go back to the previous slide, use the right click on your mouse or press the left arrow on your keyboard.

  9. To exit playback, press the escape key, and you will return to your Little Reader home screen.


And that's it. We hope you enjoy using Little Reader.

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