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NOTE: Starting from Little Reader v3, this feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.

Little Reader comes with a ready-made learning curriculum with pre-set playback settings, but sometimes you might find that these settings need to be adjusted to suit you or your child's needs. The ADVANCED PLAY/EDIT screen allows you to do just that, so now you can customize how the words and media files in each lesson are shown during playback!

The Little Reader version used in the video is v2, where "Play & Edit" was called "Advanced Play/Edit".


  1. To adjust your playback settings, go to the ADVANCED PLAY/EDIT screen. From your Lesson Panel of the left side, select the specific Course, Playlist, or Category that you want to customize, and then toggle the Playback Settings Panel.

  2. The first option you'll see is the Playback Mode setting, which allows you to change how you want to flash your lesson slides. To change these settings, simply click on the dropdown list and pick one of the five Playback Modes: (1) Word, Media; (2) Word, Media, Word; (3) Media, Word; (4) Word only; and (5) Picture only.

    If you select the "Picture Only" mode, you will see a special option to make Little Reader play only the pronunciation recordings when the pictures are flashed during playback.

    If you choose to play media, you can further specify if you want to turn pronunciations, picture audio and videos ON or OFF. You can also choose to make Little Reader display the words below each picture or video shown during playback, and if you'd like to see or hear a different media file the next time you play your lesson. Rotating media files can especially help your child understand the meaning of each word by letting her see or hear a different picture, video, or sound every time you play your lesson.


  3. Right after the Playback Mode option is the Number of Pics/Vids Shown option, which lets you choose how many pictures or videos are shown for each word when you play your lesson. This option is particularly useful if you want to emphasize the meaning of the word by showing different images of the same thing one after the other.

  4. Next is the Order option, where you can choose to either flash words according to how these are listed in your Category, or to flash words randomly.

  5. In the Words section, you can set how the words are displayed during playback, from the letter case to the font type, size and color. This is also where you can turn the Double Space option ON, which will make Little Reader display two or more words a bit farther apart to help your child distinguish each word in a phrase or sentence. Another special playback option is the Split Mode option, which will display words in two different colors to emphasize each syllable or part of a word.

  6. Do you want to flash pictures randomly while pronouncing the words yourself, but you just can't tell which word will come up next? Turn Subtitles ON so you'll know what's coming next ahead of your child!

  7. The Play Panel along the bottom of the ADVANCED PLAY/EDIT screen contains more playback options which you can enable to address your child's learning needs.

    If you want to have all your lesson slides flash automatically without having to click on your mouse of keyboard, just turn the Auto Forward function ON. This way you can use both of your hands to interact with your baby during each lesson!

    Another special setting is the Pointer option, which will enable a big pointer that automatically moves to show the reading direction to your child during playback. Now you can easily guide your child and at the same time emphasize the direction of reading too!


  8. Now that you know how to customize playback settings for each Course, Playlist and Category, perhaps the next thing you want to do is apply the same playback settings to all your lessons – but how exactly will you go about doing just that?

    With the Override and multiple edit functions, this seemingly impossible task can be done in just a few steps!

    If you'd like to change your playback settings temporarily for all your lessons, turn the Override function ON by clicking on the Override button so that the light turns green. Next, click on the cog button beside it to set your global playback settings. You can then turn Override OFF by clicking on the Override button again, so that the light turns red.

    On the other hand, if you want to change your playback settings permanently for a certain group of lessons, simply select all the lessons you want to customize from your Lesson Panel. Notice that on the right side of the screen an Edit button will appear – click on this button and a window will open, and this is where you can set how your selected lessons will be played back.


And that's how simple it is to customize your lessons' playback settings! Why don't you give it a try today, and see how it makes your child's Little Reader lessons even more exciting?



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