How to import and export Little Reader files

NOTE: Starting from Little Reader v3, this feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.

This tutorial will show you how to import and export your Little Reader lessons!



  1. Importing files means adding new content files to your Little Reader, whether these are your Curriculum content files, or some files that you have downloaded from the BrillKids Forum Library. There are two ways of doing this – one way is via the Import and Export screen. Go to the TOOLS screen and then go to "Import/Export Content."

  2. Simply click on the Import Content button at the top right part of the screen and locate the file you want to import and click on the OPEN button. Little Reader will then import your lesson file in a few moments!

  3. Now if you'd like to import your new lesson directly after downloading, all you need to do is double-click on the file and Little Reader will open automatically to import your lesson file. Once Little Reader finishes importing your new lessons, you can jump back to the Advanced Play/Edit screen and play them right away!


  4. Next, let's try exporting a file. Exporting files means saving a copy of your Little Reader lessons so you can share them with other people, or simply save a backup for future use. To export one or a group of your Little Reader lessons, visit the TOOLS screen and then go to "Import/Export Content."


  5. Select the specific Category or Playlist items that you want to export from the "Export Content" section – if you want to export more than one Category or Playlist and save these as one file, just press and hold down your SHIFT or CONTROL key while selecting each item!

  6. Next, go to the "Content" panel and select which media files you want to include in your exported file.

  7. When you're ready, click on the Export Content button at the bottom of the screen and in the confirmation window that appears, click YES to start exporting your file. Little Reader will then create your new Category or Playlist file in a few seconds.

  8. Once it's done you can start sharing your new file with other Little Reader users at the BrillKids Forum's Downloads Library!


    And that's how easy it is to import and export files in Little Reader!

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