How to use the Picture Editor

NOTE: Starting from Little Reader v3, this feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.


With Little Reader's built-in Picture Editor, you'll be able to resize, crop, and enhance your images as well as draw lines, arrows and shapes that can make lesson time fun and exciting for you and your child!



1. First, go to the Tools screen in Little Reader and move to the Picture Editor tab. Click on the Launch BrillKids Picture Editor button to open the Picture Editor.

2. Click on the Open button and select the file you want to edit.

3. You will see an Auto-Clone Confirmation dialogue. Select Yes to make a copy of your image and preserve your original file. If you want to modify the original, simply select No.

4. To make a copy of your image in the Picture Editor, click on the Clone button.

5. To focus on the finer details, you can zoom in and out using the Zoom button or you can press the Auto-Fit button to fit your image according to the size of the window.

6. Clicking on the Actual Size button will return the image to its original size.

7. Crop Tool – One of the more important tools is the Crop Tool, which lets you cut up images and remove unwanted area. Click on the Crop button and the Crop Operation dialogue will open which will guide you how to use the tool.

To adjust the area you want to crop, drag the corners of the box. You may also drag the entire box around the image by first clicking anywhere inside the selection and then drag the selection. If you decide not to crop, you can click outside the selection to cancel. Otherwise, double click inside the box to crop.


8. Undo and Redo – If you make a mistake in editing your image, or if you edited your image and you are not happy with it, simply press the Undo button and your image will automatically revert back to its state prior to the change. If you decide that the image you edited is good after all, you can just click on the Redo button and it will return to the edited image you created.

9. Resize – Another useful tool is the Resize Tool, which allows you to resize your image in terms of percentage and pixels. You can use this tool to make sure you optimize file size as well as clarity for your image.

When you click on the Resize button, the Resize image window will pop up, allowing you to choose how you wish to resize your image. Keeping aspect ratio will maintain the ratio between the current length and width of the image to ensure your image is not stretched as you adjust the size of the image.

10. Rotate – If your image is the wrong way around, you can rotate the image using this tool. Click on the Rotate button.

Select the angle you want and preview it. To accept the rotation, first click Apply, and then Done.

11. Brightness – To adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma of the image, click on the Brightness button.

Adjust the sliders while previewing the picture in the Preview panel and click OK when you are done. Note that you may also move the area you are previewing by clicking and dragging in the preview panel.

12. Color – You can change the color of your image by using the Color tool. To use this tool, click on the Color button.

Move the different parts to the right to enhance the particular color or to the left to lighten the particular color. You can also adjust Saturation which controls the intensity of all the colors.

13. Auto – Aside from the Brightness and Color tools, you can also use the Auto tool, which will automatically adjust your images, brightness, and colors. Click on the Auto button, and the Picture Editor will find the best contrast between the focus image and the background to better draw your child's attention to the main object and picture.

14. Sharpen – If your image is slightly blurry, you can use the Sharpen to make edges stand out more in an image.

Simply click on the Sharpen button and move the slider to adjust the image.

15. Draw tools – Apart from the tools that enhance your image, Picture Editor also has drawing tools that let you draw in the picture.

Select the tool you wish to use, change the width and color in the side panel, and then click and hold to draw your picture.

You may also add text to your image. To do this, first click on the Text button, and type in the desirable words in the text box.

You can modify the font settings underneath the text box and then simply click where you want the text to appear in the image.

If you want to remove all the drawings and text applied to the image, click on the Remove Draw Layer. Then, all shapes will disappear from the image.

16. When you are satisfied with your picture, click on the Save button.

If you have drawn something over your picture, Picture Editor will ask whether you would like to save the drawing object separately from the image or merge them together.

Now you can use the picture and add it to your word file in Little Reader.

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