How to print flash cards in Little Reader

NOTE: Starting from Little Reader v3, this feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.


This tutorial will show you how to print flash cards using Little Reader!



  1. Little Reader's Print function allows you to print out any of your lessons as flashcards which you can use to supplement your child's Little Reader lessons. This way you don't have to go through the trouble of manually gathering pictures and other materials, and waste time putting together a whole set of flashcards! To print flash cards, go to the PRINT screen.

  2. On the leftmost side of the PRINT screen is a panel that looks a bit like the Lesson Panel in the ADVANCED PLAY/EDIT screen, except this time there are checkboxes beside each word in the list. In here you can select which specific words you want to print out, or simply choose to print all the words in your selected Course, Playlist, or Category. Let's try printing flash cards for the entire Action Words 1 category.

  3. In the larger panel you will find various print settings that allow you to customize your printouts, from the size, layout and number of prints, to the specific word or picture contents of your flash cards. Let's go through each option…

  4. The very first print setting you'll see is the Print Layout setting. From here you can choose one of 3 print layouts for your flash cards.

    • The first layout, "Full Sheet Prints," will print one word or picture on one sheet of paper. If you want your flash cards to show words or pictures as large as possible, simply choose this layout.

    • The next two layouts are half-sheet prints, which are flexible enough to allow you to do both word or picture flash lessons, and multisensory lessons! You can use half-sheet printouts as flap or flash cards on their own, or use them with your BrillKids Flap and Flash Cards to get more use out of your printouts.


  5. The next setting you will see is the Print Content option, where you can select what to print on your flash cards – you can choose to print only words, only pictures, or both words and pictures.


    Let's try printing half-sheet flash cards containing words and pictures – to do this, select "Half Sheet Prints (Word & Picture together)" layout with "Word and Picture" content.


  6. The next two setting sections contain options for customizing your Word and Picture prints. For Word prints, you can specify how many times a word flash card is printed out, and choose to have each word print appear in different font types and colors.

    The same goes for Picture prints – aside from selecting how many picture flash cards are printed out, you can further specify which pictures to print based on the image files currently attached to the words you have selected.

  7. Before printing your flash cards, you may want to add a cover page for these as well, so you can store your flash cards in an organized manner when you're not using them!

    Once you're happy with your print settings, just click on the "Print" button to start printing!


  8. After printing, let your printouts dry completely. When your printouts are ready, cut them in half and sort them so that each word is paired with the corresponding picture. Next, apply glue on the blank side of the word prints and stick these to the blank side of the picture prints so that for each card, a word is shown on one side and the corresponding picture is on the other side.


  9. If you don't want to cut your printouts anymore, you can simply fold them in half and start using them – you may choose to use your new printouts on their own, or insert your printouts into your BrillKids Flap and Flash Cards.


And that's how easy it is to use Little Reader's Print function. Do try printing a few flashcards and use them to supplement your child's Little Reader lessons!



If you don't have a printer on hand, you can choose to print out your flash cards as XPS or PDF files by doing the following:

  • Click on the "Settings" button (found above the Print button).
  • In the Print dialog that opens, choose "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" or "Adobe PDF" (or any PDF printer you have), then click OK.
  • Click on the Print button - in a few seconds your printouts will be saved as XPS or PDF files.
  • Copy your XPS or PDF files onto your USB drive.
  • Bring your USB drive to the printing shop to get your flash cards printed out!


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