How to Use the Weekly Lesson Planner


Plan and organize your Little Reader lesson ahead of time with the Weekly Lesson Planner!

The Weekly Lesson Planner will help you know which words need to be presented for each day. This way, you don't have to access your computer each time you want to prepare your next reading sessions with your child.

Using the Weekly Lesson Planner will also allow you to go back and review which words your child has learned and how much she has progressed since using the learning system.

So how do you use the Weekly Lesson Planner?


Use the Weekly Lesson Planner as a guide for your Little Reader lessons

You can use the Weekly Lesson Planner as a guide for your daily Little Reader lessons. If you want to use your BrillKids Flap and Flash cards for some of your sessions instead of the computer, you can use the word lists in the Planner. This way, you can prepare your cards and insert the printouts you need ahead of time.


List down the extra lessons you played for each day

In every page of the Planner is an "Extra Lessons Played" section beside each day's word list. In here you can list down any extra lessons you played for your child.


Take notes on your child's learning progress

Use the "Notes" section to keep a small diary of your child's weekly progress as you teach your little one to read with the Little Reader Learning System.

With the Weekly Lesson Planner, not only is it easier to plan your child's next lesson, but it's also a more convenient way of tracking your child's learning progress!

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