How to do a three-finger tap in Little Reader Touch

The "Grown Ups Only!" message pops up when accessing some of the features in the Little Reader Touch app as an extra layer of protection against accidental in-app purchases or to prevent one from leaving the app unnecessarily. This safety measure was put it place especially for little ones who use the app on their own.

For parents like YOU, all you need to do is tap the screen using three fingers so you can proceed to the Little Reader Touch screen or feature that you are trying to access.

Check out this short video clip for a demonstration on how to do a three-finger tap:


NOTE: You may follow the same steps when you see the "Grown Ups Only!" pop-up in the iOS version of the Little Reader Touch app (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).



CALM DOWN. It's probably because of a setting in your iPad or iPhone.


1. On your iOS device, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ACCESSIBILITY > ZOOM

2. Turn this off.

3. Open Little Reader Touch and try again.


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