What does a Little Math lesson on quantity look like?

If your child is under two and a half, we recommend teaching the concept of quantities from 1 through 100 to take advantage of his ability to subitize. Quantity recognition is best taught to younger children by showing shapes or icons in random formations.

Little Math lets you use icons and shapes to represent the concept of quantities. Depending on your child's age, you can use two ways in which you can display these icons. If your child is under two and half, BrillKids suggests teaching the concept of quantities using icons and random formations. This will take advantage of your young child's ability to subitize.

lmquantitylesson01.jpg   lmquantitylesson02.jpg

If your child is over two and half years old, you can better teach quantities by using icons in grid formation.


To make lessons more exciting, you can expand your arsenal of new icons to use in your Math lessons from the BrillKids Forum. And that's how you teach the concept of quantities with Little Math.

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