How to Edit Media Sets

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.


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In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to create or edit Media Sets in Little Musician.

Go to the Media Library screen. You will see that there are five different media sets that you can work on.


Icons, Voices, Instruments, Midi songs and Solfege label.


Icon Sets

Let's first look at how to create or edit Icon sets. To create a new one, press the Add New button located at the bottom of the sets list.

To edit an existing icon set, select the icon set from the list.


You can use the rename button to change the name of the set. You can also use the delete button to delete one. Rearrange the positions of the sets on the list by using the up and down arrow button.

From the Items panel, you can group icons together by Theme, Notes or Type. Double click on an icon on this list to insert or change the image file for the specific theme, note, or type.


Locate your image file, and click open.


You can also add or delete icons using the buttons at the bottom of this panel.

From the Icon Details panel, adjust the ellipse and position it over you icon, try to fit it as best as you can over the note head. You can see a preview of how it's going to look like in the Preview section.




Voice Sets

Up next, let's look at how to create or edit Voice sets. To add a new voice set, press the Add New button at the bottom of the sets list.

To edit an existing voice set, select one of them from the list.


Again, you can rename a set or delete one by using the corresponding buttons in this section. Rearrange the positions of the sets on the list by using the up and down arrow button.

From the Item panel, you can choose to show all of the notes, or just notes of an octave scale to make editing more organized. You can choose to show or hide the chords list as well.


To add or change a sound file, select the note or chord you want to edit, and then hit Change.

Locate you sound file, and click open.


If you do not have a sound file ready, click on the REC button at the bottom, and the BrillKids Easy Voice Recorder will be opened, from here, you can record your own sound file to use in Little Musician.




The play button located at the end of each row is for you to preview your sound file; you can also use the Play Selected Sound button at the bottom for the same feature.




Instrument Sets

Although you cannot add new instruments in Little Musician, you can create new instrument groups, and add instruments into it from a list already in the program.

Click Add New to create a new folder,  



and choose an instrument from the List of All Available Instruments, 


and click on the left arrow button.


To remove an instrument from a group, just hit delete.


You can always add the instrument back by finding it in the List of All Available Instruments.



Midi Song Sets

To add new midi songs, you can find available downloads from the Little Musician download page. All of these files are guaranteed to work in Little Musician.



Solfege Label Sets

To edit an existing set of Solfege Labels, choose the set from the Labels list on the left. You can rename an existing set by clicking the rename button.

Select the note you want to edit, click on the edit button.

To create a new set of Solfege Labels, click on the Add New button.

You can then give it a name, and put in the descriptions for the notes on the right.




And that's pretty much how easy it is to edit Media Sets in the Little Musician, now you can use the icons your child loves, and put in the voices that she wants to hear, to make her learning more fun and joyful!

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