How to Edit Words


NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro and Little Reader Pro.




Remember, you can only edit words in Little Musician Pro if you have a licensed Little Reader installed.


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This tutorial is going to show you how to edit and customize words in your Little Musician lessons!


After going through the default Little Musician curriculum, you may find some words that you want to edit, whether you'd like to change the word itself, or perhaps add your own pronunciation, picture, or video to make your child's lesson more personalized.


To Edit a Word

  1. Just go to the PLAY/EDIT screen and go to the Knowledge tab.
  2. From your Lesson Panel on the left, select the Category that contains the word you want to edit.
  3. In the Word Settings Panel, select the word you want to edit from this Category's word list.
  4. To edit this word, click on the EDIT button located right below the word list.


This will open the Edit Word window for this particular word. You can customize many things in the Edit Word window, from how a word is spelled or how it is split into parts, as well as add or edit the different media files attached to it.


You can edit the text in the "Word(s)" section at the top left part of the window.  You can also change how this word is split simply by inserting a forward slash (/) where you want it in the word notice that the word preview on the right side changes depending on what you type in the "Word(s)" section.


Add a New Pronunciation

Next, let's add a new pronunciation. Go to the "Pronunciation" panel, click on the ADD button.


Locate your pre-recorded pronunciation file and click on the OPEN button.


If you haven't recorded your new pronunciation yet, click on the REC NEW button. You can then record your own voice using the Easy Voice Recorder.


When you're done, click on the SAVE button. You will notice that the filename of your new pronunciation is now included in the list of pronunciations for this word.

To preview your recording, click on the green PLAY button beside your recording's filename.





Now that you're done with the Word slide, let's proceed to the Picture slide. In this tab you will see a list of image files that are currently associated to the word; you will also see an accompanying picture audio recording. 


To add your own picture, go to the "Picture(s)" section and click on the ADD button. Locate your image file and click on the OPEN button. Your new image file will then be added to the list of pictures, you can see a preview of it in the right side of the Picture Slide tab.

You can also rearrange your pictures by selecting a specific image file and using the UP or DOWN arrows; you can remove some of your old pictures by clicking on the DELETE (X) button.

You can also edit your pictures by selecting the image file you want to work on and clicking on the EDIT button - this will open your file in the Picture Editor, where you can draw in arrows, add text, or remove unwanted parts of your picture.




Yet again, this feature is only available if you have Little Reader installed.


Picture Audio

If you want some sound effects or short music clips to play when a picture is flashed during playback, simply go to the "Picture audio file(s)" section. You can add your pre-recorded music files here.



Again, if you don't have your music clips yet, just click on the REC NEW button to record your picture audio using the Easy Voice Recorder. 




To add more variety to your Little Musician lessons, you can also try adding your own videos. Once you're ready with your video clip file, all you need to do is go to the Video Slide tab and click on the ADD button. Doing this will allow you to attach your video to the word.


Once you're done with editing the word, you may want to see how it's going to look like when you play back your lesson. To do this, just click on the TEST button.


Once you're happy with the changes for the word, all that's left for you to do is to finalize your changes by clicking on the SAVE button.

And that's it! You've successfully customized a word in Little Musician. Have a go at editing the rest of the words to make your child's lesson more fun and meaningful! 


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