Keys to Use during Playback


  1. Today, we are going to teach you very quickly how to play lessons from your Little Musician. Let's start by opening the program. On your desktop, double click on the Little Musician icon.



  2. After opening, the first thing you will see is the PLAY COURSES screen. To start teaching right away, the first thing you need to do is to choose the course you want to play, select the day's lessons, and press the play button.



  3. Select the day lessons by clicking on the back and next button,


  4. You can also click on the black arrow to skip through lessons within the curriculum.



  5. The voice and music volume can be adjusted right next to the play button.



  6. At the bottom left corner, is the Lock Keyboard, specifically useful for people with very young children, you can always control the playback using your mouse.



  7. NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.

    One key feature of the Play Panel is the Override function located at the bottom right corner, which allows you to set global playback settings this way you can conveniently customize all your lessons to play in the exact same way every time!


    Remember to turn on Override if you have made any settings changes.



  8. Once you are set, you can start the lessons by clicking on the play button


    speakerl.png  Make sure your speakers are turned on.  speakerr.png


  9. To advance to the next slide, use the left click on your mouse or press the right arrow, spacebar, or Enter key on your keyboard.



  10. To repeat the slide, click on the mouse wheel, or press the Down arrow on your keyboard.



  11. To go back to the previous slide, use the right click on your mouse, or press the left arrow.



  12. Press the ESC key at anytime if you wish to return to your PLAY COURSES screen.



And that's it! We hope you enjoy using Little Musician.

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