What if my child shows no interest in Little Reader?

If your child is not interested in his Little Reader lessons – or indeed, shows a negative reaction to Little Reader – stop using the software for the time being.


Your child may be attaining another important developmental milestone (learning to crawl, learning to walk, teething), or it may be that he is adjusting to a change in routine (you have moved house, your child has changed schools).


Keep in mind that it is also very important that you learn how to "prepare you child" for his lessons - this means that you have the responsibility - like any other teacher - to pique his interest by building up to the lesson, asking him if "he wants to learn about animals" or perhaps "want to see different colors" or "play while learning on the computer." There are various ways of doing this, but all of them depend on the creativity of the parent.


Although Little Reader has been proven successful for children who start even at 6 months, children show varying degrees of interest for different things at different stages, so also do take this into account.


Whatever it is that is making your child unreceptive, put Little Reader aside for now, and give it another try in a month or two. Keep doing this until your child does show an interest - and you may find that your child will end up liking Little Reader!


We hope this helps!

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