The Importance of Using the Pointer (Multisensory)

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.little-reader-pro-key.png


The pointer enables you to teach your child the proper direction of reading, right from your very first Little Reader lesson. We highly recommend that you use the pointer during your multisensory lessons.


The mouse is used to control the pointer. Run the pointer underneath the word you are teaching, moving smoothly and trying to match the speed at which the consonants are pronounced.


Not only will this teach your child to read from left to right, it will also help make the connections between letters and sounds apparent earlier on.


The pointer is automatically set to Off. Once switched to On, you will notice that the word's pronunciation does not play automatically. This is designed to make your job easier. Once you have the pointer in position at the start of the word, use left click to play the pronunciation.

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