What is Little Reader?

Little Reader is the software program we developed to be the venue through which lessons are played and created within the Little Reader Learning System.


We recommend using Little Reader for children aged six months old up to six years of age. The program is modeled after the right brain-based teaching methods of pioneers in the field of early childhood education. Little Reader enables you to create and show flash cards to your child in the easiest, most stress-free way possible.


The Little Reader Learning System was developed to make education ENGAGING for the baby and EASY for the child. Learning is easier when your child can get a multisensory experience by associating words with pronunciation, pictures, video, and sound effects, and Little Reader provides exactly that type of learning experience for your child.


More importantly, Little Reader was designed with PARENTAL INTERACTION in mind, making this learning system more powerful and effective compared to other preschool programs. Using Little Reader requires you to be your child's first - and best - teacher; you are encouraged to sing and act out songs, perform the actions represented by words, and pronounce the words and numbers with your child - all of which helps to facilitate effective learning.

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