Other Playback Settings

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.little-reader-pro-key.png


Number of Pics/Vids Shown

Choose how many images or videos will be shown for each word during playback. Selecting All will play back all the pictures or videos that are attached to a word.

This option is particularly useful if you want to emphasize the meaning of the word by showing different images of the same thing.

NOTE: If a particular word does not have that number of images or videos attached to it, the same image(s) or video(s) will be shown repeatedly until it matches the number that you have chosen during playback.


Rotate Media

Selecting this option will show the media your child has not seen as often as the others during playback. Each time you play the word back it will play the next image attached to the word. This can help your baby understand a word better by not just associating a word with a particular picture.


Pronunciation On

Selecting this option will play the pronunciation file when a word is flashed during playback. Turn this option off if you prefer to personalize the lesson and pronounce the word yourself, instead of playing the recording.


Pic. Audio On

Selecting this option enables the recorded sound effect, song or vocal audio to be played when an image is flashed during playback.

NOTE: If the word does not have picture audio, turning this function on will enable the pronunciation to be played along with the word AND the image.


Video On

Selecting this option will play any videos attached to the word during playback.


Display words with pictures / videos

Selecting this option will enable the word to be shown along with the picture and the video during playback.


Allow Override

Selecting this option will allow Little Reader to override the settings in the Edit Playback Settings window. If the Override button in the Play Panel is turned on (green light), all the playback settings configured in the Override Settings window will be applied during playback (i.e., the individual playback settings set for each Category will not take effect).

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