Importing Your Little Reader Lesson Content from the Content CD-Roms Included in the Box Set

Make sure that you have already activated your Little Reader using your purchased license key.

If you do not have a license key yet, please purchase one from our BrillKids Online Store.


Follow these steps to import your curriculum content using the Content Discs included in your box set:

  1. Open Little Reader using the desktop icon for the program.


  2. Take the Content Disc(s) CD case from your box set, and open it. Place the Content Disc for Semester 1 on the CD-Rom tray of your computer and then close the CD-Rom tray.

  3. Most computers will automatically detect the CD and pop-up an auto-run menu. Click on Run AutoRun.exe.

    Note: If the pop-up did not appear for you, explore your computer's CD-Rom and click on the file named AutoRun.exe.

  4. A menu will appear as shown below. Click on Add Semester 1 Content.

  5. You will be brought back to the Little Reader software. An alert dialogue will ask if you want to import the content from the Semester 1 disc. Click on Yes.

  6. Once Little Reader has finished importing all your content files, repeat the process with the second content disc to import the Semester 2 content.

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