My child already knows how to read basic words from [XYZ program]. Will this be useful?

The Little Reader 1-year curriculum is designed for beginner readers, so your child is likely to be familiar with many of the words that are included. However...


The curriculum shows over 3,000 words in 180 Categories, from single words, to couplets, phrases, sentences, and stories, and so there are likely to be many more words that your child will not be familiar with.


The curriculum also lays down a strong foundation for learning phonics with the Pattern Phonics™ lessons, making sure your child learns the essential skill of being able to sound out new words he/she has never seen before. The color-coding function that comes with Little Reader also helps your child start to see words in their constituent parts (such as in different syllables, or even broken up into consonants, vowels and blends).


Even for words with which your child is already familiar, Little Reader can be set to show the words in upper case and even custom fonts (such as cursive fonts), ensuring your child has a better grasp of all the different ways that words may appear in everyday life.


Little Reader's library is infinitely expandable! Not only can you customize your child's lessons to include words particular to your culture or locality, you can also download literally thousands more files from our online download library, many of which are for advanced readers, even teaching encyclopedic knowledge. The vast majority of these files can be downloaded for free, and the others are premium files which require loyalty points that can be purchased or earned for free through forum activity.


Little Reader is also commonly used to teach foreign languages, and there are already over a thousand foreign language files in our online download library. We are also launching foreign language curricula in all major languages, starting with Chinese, and these can be purchased as an add-on separately when released.

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