How do I resize pictures for Little Reader?

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.little-reader-pro-key.png


We have released our Little Reader Learning system with our built-in Picture Editor program.

Picture Editor is a very powerful basic image editing tool that enables you to resize images. You can also draw arrows or encircle certain items on a photo to highlight them during playback.


So here's a step by step guide on how to resize your images:

  1. Open Little Reader.

  2. Go to the Tools screen.

  3. Select the Picture Editor tab and click on the Launch BrillKids Picture Editor button.

  4. On the Picture Editor, click Open. Locate your file on your computer.

    - An Auto-Clone Confirmation dialogue will op up, asking if you would like to clone your picture so your edits won't damage the original file.

    • If your file is an only copy in your hard drive and you would like to preserve the original picture, click Yes.
    • If your file is a copy that you simply just want to resize, and you don't want to keep the original unedited copy, click No.
    • With your picture now open, click Resize. You can now specify how large or small you want the image to be.
    • For Little Reader, we usually use 640x480 pixels. This allows us to have a reasonable sharpness of the image while maintaining minimum file size.
  5. When you're all done resizing, click Save. You may now use the image you have just edited and attach it to your Little Reader category and playlists!

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