What if my child already knows a lot of words? Will Little Reader help?

We understand that you may have children who already recognize a lot of words, perhaps from learning from a different system or program. In this respect, Little Reader can still serve as a useful learning tool by providing a means for a review for what your child already knows AND by enabling you to add and create new lessons to further your child's education.


Our advice would be to do one or more of the following:

  1. Skip ahead with the curriculum - Go forward to later days where you start seeing new words.

  2. Make the lessons more challenging - Change the letter casing to uppercase, and/or even use a custom fonts like cursive fonts. You can adjust this to individual lessons or categories under the Playback Settings options of each lesson or category, or you can use this as a global setting affecting all lessons played using the OVERRIDE option - simply turn on override, click on the Settings button next to it, turn on Letter Casing and Fonts, and change the options there.
  3. Choosing which Categories to play - Instead of following the curriculum, you can choose which Categories you'd like to show your child. Go to the Play/Edit screen, click on Categories, and play those instead. You can also create Playlists and string together your own Categories to be played one after another.

  4. Download more Content - Go to our Forum, Little Reader Library section, and download content that interests your child. If she's interested in Dinosaurs, for example, show her different lessons about Dinosaurs and Prehistoric animals.

  NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.little-reader-pro-key.png

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