How to Create and Edit Playlists

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro.

Create your own Playlist containing your baby's favorite words or Categories, or make your own learning curriculum!



  1. Go to the Play & Edit screen (Advanced Play / Edit screen for Little Reader 2.x or below) and choose to display Playlists.
  2. Click on the New button at the bottom of the Lesson Panel (leftmost side of the screen) and type in the name of your new Playlist.
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. You may also create folders in which you can organize your Playlists. To do this, just click on the New Folder button (located just beside the New button) and type in the name of your new folder. You can then drag your Playlists into or out of your folder as needed.



Select your new Playlist and click on the Edit button. This will open the Edit Playlist window, as shown below:


How to Add a Word or Category to a Playlist

  1. Choose a Category from the leftmost box and the words in this Category will be displayed in the middle box.
  2. Select a word (or words) from the middle box and click on the Right Arrow button to add your selected word(s) to your Playlist (rightmost box).
  3. To add all words from the selected Category to your Playlist, click on the Right Arrow All button.
  4. Once you have finished, click on Save.


How to Remove a Word or Category from a Playlist

  1. Select the word(s) or Category(ies) that you want to remove from your Playlist (rightmost box) and click on the Left Arrow button.
  2. To remove everything from your Playlist, click on the Left Arrow All button.
  3. Once you have finished, click on Save.


How to Change the Default Word Playback Order

  1. To rearrange the items included in your Playlist, select the word(s) or Categories from the rightmost box.
  2. Click on the Top, Up, Down, or Bottom buttons to change how the word(s) or Categories are listed in your Playlist.
  3. Once you have finished, click on Save.


Note: You can only add previously existing words or Categories in a Playlist. If you want to add new words or Categories to your Playlist, you need to create these first by going to the Categories section of the Play & Edit screen.



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