Little Reader Lite (non-PRO): License Restrictions

What is a Little Reader Lite (non-PRO) License? What does it mean to have one?

Having a LITE license means that your Little Reader software has a key which only unlocks limited functionality.


Here's a list of what you can do with only a Little Reader LITE license:

  • Play Courses: You can view or play your imported course lessons
  • Add or Edit Child Profiles: You can add profiles for each child you're teaching (to keep track of the lesson each child is in)
  • Access the Tools screen: You can use the Tools screen's Software Information, Language Settings, Backup/Restore Data, Support Tools, and Speed Optimizations sections
  • Access the Support Screen: You can check your software manual, use Support Tools or contact BrillKids Support
  • Access the Forum: You can post and ask questions directly to the BrillKids Forum
  • View the Start Guide


Here's a list of what you CAN'T do with a LITE license:

  • You cannot create your own lessons

  • You cannot edit existing lessons

  • You cannot download and import additional lessons from the library

  • You can't print out lesson slides

  • You can't adjust many playback settings

  • You have no access to the Progress Diary

  • No picture editing

  • No built-in voice recording


If you would like to unlock the FULL FUNCTIONALITY of your Little Reader program, you need a FULL Little Reader license.

FULL Little Reader licenses are provided for you with any purchase of Little Reader Deluxe boxed kits and some Basic kits which specifically mention "PRO License Included."


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