How to add a Category Pack license key to your BrillKids Account

If you bought a Category Pack from a distributor or received it as a gift from another person, you can add the license key on your Account Management page and unlock the ability to download purchased Category Pack from your BrillKids Account in the future.

  • If you purchased the Category Pack from one of our distributors, you can find the license key inside the CD case.
  • If you received the Category Pack as a gift from another person, you can find the license key in the gift message sent by BrillKids in your email account or inside the CD case provided that the person who gifted a Category Pack to you sent the product with box set.


1 .Once you have acquired your license key, go to your Account Management page on BrillKids. (When prompted, sign in to your BrillKids Account. If you do not have a BrillKids Account, click here to learn more about how to register for a BrillKids Account.)

2. Select Category Pack under Little Reader from the left side of the screen.

3. Type in your license key in the field. Then, click on the ADD TO ACCOUNT button to store it.

4. The Little Reader Content Packs page will show the links of your purchased Category Packs and the corresponding license keys.


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