How to record split audio pronunciations

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Reader Pro. 


Starting from Little Reader version 3, you'll notice that some words are played with "split audio" pronunciations. When used together with the split display mode, you can break down the process of reading by reading each part of a word separately, followed by the complete word!

You can add your own split audio recordings to your lessons in addition to the regular pronunciation recordings that you've added before. Just follow the instructions below to get started:



  • Make sure your microphone is plugged in to your computer!
  • Turn up your speaker or computer volume so you can hear what you're recording!



  1. Open Little Reader and go to the Play & Edit screen, then select the word you want to add a split audio recording to.
  2. Click on the Edit button below the word list.
  3. In the Edit Word window, go to the Word Slide tab and toggle the Split Audio tab under "Pronunciation audio file(s)."
  4. Click on the Rec New button to launch the Easy Voice Recorder (click here for help on using the Easy Voice Recorder).
  5. Record each part of the word followed by the complete word (i.e., you need to record ALL parts of the word AND the complete word in one file).
  6. Apply the necessary edits and click on the Save button to save and add your new recording to your word.
  7. Little Reader will automatically determine each part of your new recording based on how you divided the word inside the Word(s) box (using slash marks). To preview each part of your recording, click on the corresponding buttons inside the Preview split part(s) box.
  8. Click on the Test button to see how the word will play back during the lesson.
  9. When you're done with all your changes, click on the Save button.



  • Pause at least 1/2 to 1 second between each part of the word you're recording.
  • Your recording should match how you've split up your word so that the correct recording will be played for each part of the word. For example, if your word is split up like "Lit/tle /Rea/der," you should record "Lit... tle... Rea... der... Little Reader."
  • Make sure that Split Audio is enabled in your Category's playback settings. Otherwise, Little Reader will NOT play the split audio versions of the words during playback.
  • You can record all of your split audio recordings first and add them in your lessons once you're done. You can open the Easy Voice Recorder from Little Reader's Tools screen, or open it from Start > All Programs > BrillKids > Little Reader.
  • Check out the attached sample file to get a better idea on how you should record your split audio pronunciations and how your category should be set up. (NOTE: You need to have Little Reader v3.0 installed to open the sample *.cat file!)
  • If Little Reader doesn't split up your new recording correctly, click on the Analyse Again button. If it still doesn't work, click on the cog wheel button beside Analyse Again to adjust the parts manually using the Split Editor window (see next section for detailed instructions).



  1. Select the split audio recording that you want to adjust then click on the cog wheel button beside the Analyse Again button.
  2. In the Split Editor window, you will see a list of your recording's parts in the Split Parts box on the left and the corresponding graphical representation of your recording in the Wave Form box on the right. Each split part has a pre-assigned color which is used to highlight the parts in the wave form.
  3. You can edit your recording from the Split Parts box OR directly in the Wave Form:
    • Editing from the Split Parts box:
      • Select the split part that you want to edit, then click on the Pencil button beside it (or click on the Edit button)
      • Enter your preferred Start and Duration time (all time units are in seconds)
      • Click on the next part in the list to save your changes
      • Click on the Add button to add a new split part, or click on the X button to delete your selected split part
    • Editing from the Wave Form box:
      • Select the split part that you want to edit (notice that your selected part will have a darker highlight color and will have 'L' and 'R' icons on either side of the highlighted section)
      • To move the split part (highlighted part) to a different part of your recording, click inside the highlighted section and drag it to the left or right side of the wave form (or press the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard)
      • To trim the split part, click on the left or right edge of the highlighted section (or on the 'L' / 'R' icon) and drag it to the left or right
  4. Click on the green Play button to preview your selected split part (or select a part from the Wave Form and press the spacebar on your keyboard).
  5. To undo all of your changes or reset the split parts, click on the Analyse Again button.
  6. When you're done with your edits, click on the Save button.

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