Other Components Installed with Little Reader

Depending on your computer configuration, the Installation Wizard may prompt you to install some additional components.

Always choose to install these additional components. Follow the prompts to finish installing each component. Once finished, you may continue installing Little Reader.



Microsoft .NET Framework

The BrillKids Learning Systems require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher in order to work properly.

If your computer is running on Windows XP or earlier, you must install this before installing Little Reader. But your computer is running on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, it is already installed by default and you may skip this step in the installation.

For more information, go to this page.



NOTE: The .NET 2.0 Framework is a ONE-TIME installation requirement for all BrillKids Learning Systems - once you have it installed, you won't need to install it again.


FFDShow Codec Pack

Installing the FFDSHOW Codec Pack, a widely-known and commonly used audio and video codec pack, will ensure that your computer efficiently processes the media files included in your Little Reader lessons.


This will let the pronunciation audio and videos play more smoothly and accurately.


Adobe Flash Player

The BrillKids Learning Systems use Adobe Flash Player for playing video elements included in the lessons. Your BrillKids software installer will prompt you to install the latest Flash Player version if you don't have it installed in your computer yet.


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