What are the advantages of Little Math?

Like many parents, you may be interested to know what makes the Little Math Learning System special. Here are the main advantages of Little Math compared with three popular alternative tools for teaching babies math: flash cards, PowerPoint slideshows, and DVDs.


Teach math using personalized icons of your baby's favorite cartoon character, toy – or her smiling face!

No other program we know allows you to create your own icons for displaying quantities. Little Math makes it easy to upload any image you choose for your baby's lessons.


Automatically show a different icon every time a lesson is played.

A DVD is always the same. With PowerPoint, you would have to manually rotate media before each lesson. With Little Math, you can choose to have your icons shuffled automatically.


Expand your icon and lesson library effortlessly.

The BrillKids Forum contains unlimited lesson materials as well as fun icons created by BrillKids and other parents.


Switch instantly between random icon placement and grid placement.

Each type of display has its advantages. Little Math enables you to take advantage of both.


Flash cards as rapidly as you can click your mouse – or sit back as quantities and equations flash by automatically.

No more fumbling with cards – Little Math makes it as easy as can be to flash lesson materials.


Switch between or shuffle word colors and fonts, and background colors.

Manual changes are time consuming in PowerPoint; not so with Little Math.

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