How do I teach my baby math?

If you're new to the topic of teaching babies math, you may want to arm yourself with knowledge on this important subject before beginning to teach your child. For that reason, we've made a special Teaching Your Baby Math booklet, designed to provide all the information you need.


You can get this booklet for free here.


In case you don't have time to read the whole booklet, you may want to dip into the chapters that interest you most.


If you think babies are too young to learn mathematics, or wonder why anyone would teach a baby math, then Why Teach Math Early? is for you. Although teaching babies math is fun, that isn't the only reason for doing it. Children who have positive math experiences at a young age are more likely to enjoy mathematics as they get older and have to contend with the subject in school as well as out in the world. Turn to Chapter 2 to read a discussion of what early math lessons could mean for you and your child.


You may be wondering how you are going to teach math to a baby, with his limited powers of reasoning. Arguably, babies and very young children have a head start over the rest of us when it comes to math – due to their ability to understand quantity in a way not open to most older children and adults. For more on this fascinating topic, head to Chapter 3: Perceiving Quantity (Subitizing).


The original way of teaching math to babies and young children is to use flash cards. In the past, most parents teaching this way would follow either the Glenn Doman method, or the Makoto Shichida method. Read about what each of these programs entails, and their advantages and disadvantages, in Chapter 4: Flash Method.


These days, there is an easier way to teach mathematics to young children. When it comes to giving lessons from home, the computer is our best friend for a number of reasons. Some parents use slideshows, while others use computer-based learning systems such as Little Math. Find out more in Chapter 5: Computer-Based Learning.


The Teaching Your Baby Math booklet is about early math in general rather than the Little Math Learning System. If a detailed explanation of Little Math and/or the Little Math curriculum is what you are after, then keep reading!


If you have another question about teaching your child, be sure to visit us in the BrillKids Forum, where you can meet other parents who are teaching their children mathematics.

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