How to get Tech Support for your Little Math


Try doing the same sequence of actions again in Little Math and see if the same error happens every time. You may also take a screenshot, if applicable.



1. Open the BrillKids Support Tools window.

a. Open Support Tools from your Start Menu:

- From your Start Menu, go to All Programs.
- Open the BrillKids folder.
- Click on the item labeled Support Tools.

b. If your software does not come with the Support Tools function:

- Click here to download the Support Tools software (standalone version).
- Open the *.zip file and extract the folder labeled Support Tools (v 2.0.XXX).
- Double-click on Support Tools.exe.


2. In the Support Tools window, go to Create Diagnostic Report and click on the Create a Diagnostic Report button.

3. A black window will open, collecting your system information. Once the tool has finished a Windows Explorer window will open, containing a file named "BrillKids_[NAME]_[DATE].zip".

NOTE: If this window does not open automatically, you may access the file by going to your "My Documents \ BrillKids \ Tools" folder.


If you cannot open Little Math or Support Tools:

You may run the Diagnostic tool from your Start Menu by doing the following:

- From your Start Menu, go to All Programs.
- Open the BrillKids folder.
- Open the Little Math folder.
- Click on the item labeled Diagnostic to create your Diagnostic Report.



Attach your Diagnostic Report and screenshot (if any) to your Tech Support query and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


You can send us your Tech Support query in four ways:

  • Send your Diagnostic Report directly from the Support Tools window's Report a Problem section.
  • Send us a message using our Contact Form.
  • Post a new topic in the Little Math Tech Support board.
  • Send a PM to any BrillKids Forum Administrator.


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