How to Use Different Language Sound Sets in Little Math

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Math Pro.



To get additional language sound sets for your Little Math, visit the BrillKids Forum download library.


Here's a direct link for sound sets:


You may use the Override function to quickly "toggle" the sound sets played along with your Little Math lessons. These sound sets, which you will need to create separately, are actually saved as individual media sets in your Little Math. The Little Math screen you'll need to work with first is the Numbers Library screen (select the "Sounds" tab).


In the Numbers Library > Sounds screen, you may edit the pre-existing sound sets if you'd like to change the recordings, or simply create new sound sets for the languages you want to teach (note that you need to record your pronunciations for the numbers via a separate software first). However, if you also have Little Reader, you may access the Easy Voice Recorder included in it from your Start menu, and use that when you record anything for Little Math.


You may read more about how you can create your own sound sets in the "How to Use the Numbers Library Screen > The Sound Set Tab" section of the Little Math manual -- just click on the HELP button in Little Math, or go to this link:


Take note that since you want to teach different languages, you need to create a new Word Set for every Sound Set that you have, as these are done separately. Simply refer to the "The Word Set Tab" section (it's right after the Sound Set section) for more information.


Once you've set up your sound and word sets, the next step is to apply these via the Override settings. All you need to do (aside from turning Override on) is to enable the override settings for these sets -- the sound set options are in the "Display" settings group, while the word set option is in the "Words/Numerals" settings group for both the Numbers and Math tabs. You may read more about the Override function in the "How to Use the Playback Screen > Play Panel > Override" section of the manual.


So whenever you need to switch to a different language, you just need to update your Override settings to the sound and word sets that you want to use.



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