How to teach numbers and math in a different language

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Math Pro.



If you want to teach numbers and math in your native language or any non-English language, you need to do the following:

1. Create a voice set for the language you want to teach (How to make your own voice sets for Little Math lessons).

2. Create an accompanying word set for your sound set.

3. Apply your sound and word sets using the Override function.


STEP 1: Create Your Little Math Word Set

1. Open Little Math and go to the Media Library screen. Click on the Word Sets tab. Click on the NEW button and type in the name of your new word set.


2. On the right side of the Word Sets tab is the Items box – double-click on the first row (for “0”) and type in the word in the language you want to teach. Press Enter on your keyboard when you’re done.


3. Repeat Step 2 for the rest of the numbers listed in the Items box.


STEP 2: Apply Your New Word Set to Your Lessons

1. Go to Little Math’s Play & Edit screen and click on the Override button (bottom right part of the window). Notice that the light will turn green, which means Override is turned ON.


2. Click on the cog button beside the Override button to open the Override Settings window.


3. From the Numbers tab, click on Display & Sound and then click on Word on the left side of the window.


4. Under the Display Settings section, click on the button beside the Word Set option to turn it on (the light will turn green).


5. Click on the dropdown menu for the word set option and select your new word set.


6. Click on the Expressions tab and repeat Steps 4 and 5.

7. Click on the Save button.


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