Lessons Panel

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Math Pro.



The Lesson Panel is located on the left side of the Play & Edit screen. It allows you to select your Courses lessons, Numbers or Expressions Presets for playback and customization.


You can also create, organize or delete Numbers or Expressions Presets by clicking the following buttons at the bottom of the Lessons Panel:


  • New Folder - Click this to create a folder. This helps you better organize your Little Math lessons, especially as you create more presets or as you download additional presets that other users have created.


  • New - Click this to create a new Preset.


  • Edit - Click this to edit a Preset. Editing a Preset means that you would like to change the settings of an existing Preset.


  • Delete - Click this to delete a Preset.


  • Up/Down Arrow - Change how the presets are arranged by using the Up/Down Arrow buttons.



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