Keys to Use During Playback

During playback (your Little Math lessons), you will need to know what keys and mouse clicks to use to navigate your way through your lesson.


Next Slide

To advance to the next slide, use the left-click  your mouse, or press the Right ArrowSpacebar or Enter on your keyboard.



Repeat Slide

To repeat the slide, click your mouse-wheel or press the Down Arrow on your keyboard.



Previous Slide

To go back to the previous slide, use the right-click your mouse or press the Left Arrow on your keyboard.



Exit Lesson

To exit the playback, click the Esc key, and you'll return to your Little Math.



NOTE: If you want to use your keyboard to control lessons during playback, make sure that the Keyboard Lock is turned OFF (click once on the Keyboard Lock at the left side of the Play Panel so that the light turns red).

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