The Start Guide

The Little Math Start Guide is your introduction to Little Math. It includes a Beginner's Tutorial about how to use the program's features, FAQs and Tips, and a Tutorial Videos section where you can watch tutorial videos about how to use your Little Math.



Beginner's Tutorial

You may want to spend a few minutes to go through the Beginner's Tutorial so that you have an idea about how Little Math works and familiarize yourself with its features.



FAQs and Tips

The FAQs and Tips section provides answers to frequently asked questions about Little Math. It also provides useful information on how to maximize you and your baby's Little Math experience.



Tutorial Videos

To begin viewing a video tutorial, simply click the video you want to play and your selection will be shown. Be sure to turn on your speakers so you won't miss the tutorial‘s narrations.



NOTE: You may choose not to show the Start Guide whenever you open Little Math by unchecking the box at the bottom of the Start Guide window. To show the Start Guide later on, click the Start Guide button at the top right part of the Little Math window.

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