The Play Panel

The Play Panel at the bottom of Little Math gives you more options to customize your playback.



Keyboard Lock

When the button for the Keyboard Lock has a check mark, this means you can use your keyboard during lessons.



A handy trick when your child likes slamming the keyboard is to turn the Keyboard off. Click the Keyboard Lock button until you see an ‘X' mark - all power will be removed from your keyboard during playback (except the Esc key to exit the lesson).




This lets you control the volume of all audio files during playback.


NOTE: You can further increase or decrease volume through your computer and speaker volume control.



NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Math Pro.



When the Override button is turned on (green light), all playback settings set in the Override Settings window will take effect during playback, disregarding any playback settings previously set for each lesson. Click the cogwheel button next to the Override button to configure and save universal playback settings in the Override Settings window.

You may also choose to turn on only specific settings so that only those settings will override all of the lessons' playback settings and leave the rest of the playback settings as previously configured for each lesson.



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