How do I refer a friend to the forum?

You gain referrals by promoting the BrillKids Forum to other people. When a friend you have referred to our site signs up through your referral link, you automatically receive points! Even better, when your friend buys one of our BrillKids learning systems, you get paid commission!

To do this, first make sure you are already a BrillKids member. If not, sign up for a membership here.

Next, join the BrillKids Affiliate Program. (Don't worry, it doesn't cost anything to join!)Here's what you get for your referrals:

  • Refer a user = +500 points
  • Refer a user who purchases a BrillKids learning system = you get monetary commission!


NOTE: Referrals must have a minimum of 5 posts before points are awarded, to ensure the quality of our forums and encourage users to join in the forum discussions.

WARNING: Please be courteous when promoting the BrillKids Forum by not spamming other websites with your referral links. Any member who is caught abusing the system by referring oneself (multiple emails) and spamming other forums with their links shall be banned from the BrillKids Forum.


Here's how you can refer your friends:

1. Go to the BrillKids Forum.

2. Sign in to your BrillKids Account using your email address and your password.

3. Under the My Profile section at the top left of the screen, click on the Refer a Friend link.

4. Place your cursor over Affiliate Program on the top navigation bar and click on Promotional Tools.

5. Select any promotional tool located at the leftmost side of the screen. You may select any of the promotion methods based on your preference.


BrillKids Business Card - Want to have your own BrillKids Business Card? Click on BrillKids Business Card on the left side of the screen and fill in the information for your BrillKids Business Card. Then, click on Apply Changes.



Afterwards, scroll down the page and preview your BrillKids Business Card. When you are satisfied, click on Print Your Business Card to print out your Business Card.



Affiliate Coupon Code - The easiest way to gain referrals is to print out your Affiliate Coupon Code, give it to your friends, and encourage them to type in the code when they sign up as a BrillKids member or buy from the BrillKids store. To print out your Affiliate Coupon Code, just click on Affiliate Coupon Code on the left side of the screen and press the Print Your Coupon button to print out your coupon code.



Promotional Emails – If you want to send an email with your affiliate link to your friends, click on Promotional Emails on the left side of the screen. Fill in the information on the page. Then, click on the Send button to send an email with the affiliate link to your friends.



Website Banners & Ads – If you want to put affiliate banners on your website or blog, click on Website Banners & Ads on the left side of the screen. 

Select the product you want to promote and the shape for your affiliate banner. Then, select the banner you want to show on your website or blog. When you finish the selection, the code for your banner will be shown inside the text box located at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the code on your website or blog.



Flyers, Posters & Videos - Need marketing materials for your trade show booth or home-hosted party? Download and print these hi-resolution posters and flyers! Simply click on Flyers, Posters & Videos on the left side of the screen and select your posters and flyers to start downloading.

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