How do I create a poll in the forum?

You can create a new poll to ask a question and specify a number of possible responses. Other members will then be able to vote for the response they want, and the results of the voting will be displayed in the thread.


To create a poll, follow these steps:

  1. From the BrillKids Forum index page, select the board you want to go to.

  2. Inside the board, click on the START NEW POLL button.

  3. A form will come up. Fill in the form completely. Specify the question and the list of responses you want to include.

  4. When you are done filling out the forum, click on the POST button at the bottom of the form.

    An example poll might be:

    What is your favorite color?

    - Red
    - Blue
    - Yellow
    - Green
    - Orange

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