How do I give Karma?

You can give Karma if you have made 10 posts in the forum - this is the requirement for you to give Karma away.

If you look on the left side of the posts (this is where you can see the forum profile of the posters, there are certain bits of information there.


For example:


You can add and/subtract to other people's Karma by clicking on the Karma + or the Karma - links.

You won't know for what or from whom your Karma came from, as this system is totally anonymous.

NOTE: Only members with a minimum of 10 posts may add or remove karma points.



  1. Please note, negative Karma for spam posts, useless posts, "thank you" posts might lower your points! We created this feature to punish spammers and award hard working members of our community. Spammers should not get points for the spam they post on our forum! Less spam means great forum and more points for our loyal members.

  2. Point building with excessive Karma will result in immediate ban.

  3. Begging for Karma points is not allowed.

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