How do I earn loyalty points?

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Earn loyalty points to exchange for premium lesson content for your Little Reader, Little Math, and Little Musician! You can also use your points to redeem discount coupons from our partners!


How to Earn Loyalty Points

As a member of the BrillKids forums, you can get points for doing the following things:


Sign up for a BrillKids account 600
Completely fill up user information during registration 1000


Posts with less than 10 words 0

Posts with 10-49 words 10

Posts with 50-99 words 15

Posts with 100-199 words 20

Posts with 200-299 words 25

Posts with 300-399 words 30

Posts with 400-499 words 35

Posts with 500-599 words 40

Posts with 600-699 words 45

Posts with 700 and more words 50


When members post in a thread you made 2


When you give a karma point to a member 5

When you receive a karma point from a member 20

When you receive negative karma from a member -20


When you refer a member who registers with your unique coupon code, after that new member makes 5 posts 500

When you use a friend's unique coupon code during registration and after you create 5 posts 500


Uploading a Little Reader or Little Math or Little Musician file to the forum 0

When your Little Reader or Little Math file is given premium status 2000

Each time someone downloads a premium Little Reader or Little Math or Little Musician file you made 20


Adding a YouTube video to the video gallery 20

Reviewing someone's video upload in the video gallery (giving stars) 5




  • When a post you made is removed or deleted, the points you earned for that post is deducted from your account.
  • Only members with 10 posts or more may give karma.
  • You may only give karma once per hour.
  • When your uploaded file reaches the 100th download mark, it will be placed in an approval pool so an administrator can judge whether or not your file can be granted premium status.
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