Will BrillKids software work for Mac OS users?


As shown in our product pages as well as the system requirements of our programs, our BrillKids Learning Systems are compatible with Windows-based computers, and do not officially support Mac operating systems.

To view a list of system requirements for BrillKids programs (Little Reader, Little Math, and Little Musician), please click here.

The great news is that we have had several users reporting success in running our software by installing Windows on their Macs via Boot Camp, and they have been using our programs on Mac computers for some time now.

Please see here for more information about Boot Camp.

For Mac users who are just looking for free-format learning tools, we do offer some extensive multimedia PowerPoint slide shows and flash card PDF printouts available for download. These can be found for free at our websites - and we offer more inside our forum community.

You can find our free downloads here.


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