What are cookies? How do cookies help me as an affiliate?

What are Cookies?

These aren't the kind your grandma makes. Cookies in the computer world are small text files that Web sites place in your computer to help your internet browser remember specific information. In our case, the cookies which are used in the BrillKids Affiliate program store your referral code in your friends' computer when they click on your affiliate link.


Cookie Duration

How long affiliates receive credit for a sale after the initial click is determined by cookie duration. This means that if a visitor clicks through an affiliate link but doesn't purchase anything from the BrillKids online store, and then comes back later you will still earn money for the sale. Obviously, the longer the cookie duration lasts the better for affiliates.

However, do understand that there are users who clean up their cookies each time they end their internet browsing session - this may be due to security issues, or perhaps they are using a public internet workstation, or maybe they want to clear all browsing history made on a particular computer. When users clean up their cookies, your cookie as a BrillKids Affiliate will also be deleted.


Cookies all Around

To sum up, you make more money as an affiliate with longer cookie durations, and with friends who choose to keep the cookies in place. So to make sure they you get credited for your sales referrals, it's best not to just rely on internet cookies (because people do tend to clear them up) and tell your friends to use your Unique Affiliate code as they check out or register at our websites.

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