What is BrillBaby.com?

BrillBaby.com is an information-based website designed to complement BrillKids.com. Parents can find all the information they need about teaching their baby or young child at BrillBaby.com.


BrillBaby is the web's most comprehensive information resource for anyone interested in maximizing their child's potential. We believe that parents have the power to make a huge difference in their children's lives, simply by spending a few minutes each day teaching them, from an early age.


BrillBaby.com aims to educate parents about the unique window of opportunity that exists in a child's life from five months' gestation up to five years of age. We want parents to know that babies love to learn, and that teaching is a fun, rewarding experience. We also want to explore the myths surrounding early learning – that it has somehow to be forced, and that children suffer as a result. We are keen to stress the importance of undirected play, too – which is one of the main ways in which children learn.

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