Why should I teach my baby math?

Like reading, mathematics is a whole lot of fun for babies. Usually the biggest obstacle when it comes to teaching babies math has to do with the parents!


Many of us have had negative experiences associated with learning math. Arguably, school systems around the world (and particularly in the West) consistently fail to teach math to children in an effective and enjoyable way. Your baby will enjoy math if you make math a game. What's more, very young children can perceive quantity in a way not open to most adults. This presents us with a unique opportunity to teach our children the real meaning of quantity. Once children have grasped this, learning equations is exciting and also extremely "real."


If you use Little Math, an added bonus are the fun icons that can be used to personalize your child's lessons, and make viewing every quantity and equation exciting.


For more on teaching your baby math, go to the Math section of BrillBaby.

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