How can I withdraw my commission earnings? How can I get paid?

First off, you'll need a PayPal account so we can transfer your earned commissions there. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, sign up for one here.


Once you start earning your commission, you can send us a request to be paid by clicking on a button in your Affiliate Account Information page - this will send us a notification that you would like for us to start paying you for your commission on a specific time period.


Your Affiliate Payout Request will be responded to within 24-72 hours after the request is made. A PayPal money transfer shall be made to your PayPal account for the commission earned during the period valid for your request.


Each commission payout requires a minimum of $50.00 to be processed.

Note that the reason why your other referred sales may not be included in your payout is because they have not passed the 30-day guarantee period as yet where they are allowed to ask for a refund. Once these sales pass the 30-day guarantee period, you will see them under "Payable Commissions" in your affiliate page.


Each referral sale will have a waiting period of ONE MONTH before it is marked as a payable commission. This is so we can ensure that the sale you referred will not request for a refund during the one-month money-back guarantee period.

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