How do I add sound to PowerPoint slideshows?

So you have made a PowerPoint Presentation and would like to add sound to it. Adding sound to slideshows really brings your presentation to life. If you have never used the feature of adding sound to PowerPoint you may find it challenging. However if you follow these steps you will find it very easy to do and most likely will use the sound feature in PowerPoint quite often.

1. First open the file which holds your presentation. When you have the presentation opened in front of you click on the first slide. Go to the Insert menu and scroll down to Movies and Sounds. At this point you will have a choice to add a sound from clip organizer or from file. The clip organizer holds pre-recorded sounds recorded onto the PowerPoint presentation software. If you choose file you will have to make sure you have music downloaded to your computer first.

2. Click on the sound that is desired and a box will pop up with a question: Do you want the sound to start in the slide show automatically or when clicked? Usually if you are using sound you are using it throughout the whole presentation so you would click Automatically but there may be times when you prefer to set it up so it plays When Clicked.

3. After the sound is applied to the slide, right click on the sound icon. Then click Custom Animation. At the right will be a box. At the top of this box, under Modify Play, click With Previous.

4. To have the sound continuously play throughout all screens, right click on the sound listed in this box and arrow down to Effects Option. This is how you will let PowerPoint know, after how many slides should the program stop playing the sound.

5. Now, preview your slide show. Click on slide show and then view to make sure your sound is playing the way you want it to throughout your presentation. These are the basic steps to add music to your PowerPoint presentation. Be creative and have fun!

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