How to enable images on your web browser

Images are used in many websites not just to illustrate ideas or articles, but also to visually enhance a page. Disabling images in your Internet browser helps make pages load faster especially when you have a slow Internet connection, because images usually take a while to display. However, you may find that disabling this feature can make website navigation a bit tricky, especially when the website you are visiting uses images for most of its buttons or menus.


BrillKids websites use quite a lot of images, and so we highly recommend that you enable images in your browser to ensure that you will find the buttons or items you are looking for!


If you are experiencing navigation problems, do make sure that you have enabled images by following the instructions for the browser you are using:


Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Internet Options.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Scroll down the Settings box until you see the Multimedia section. Select the Show Pictures checkbox.
5. Click the Apply button.
6. Click the OK button.



1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Options.
3. Click the Content tab.
4. Select the Load images automatically checkbox.
5. Click the OK button.



1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Under the Hood.
4. Under Privacy, click the Content Settings button.
5. Under Images, select the Show all images (recommended) radio button.
5. Close the Content Settings window.



1. Click the Safari menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Click the Appearance tab.
4. Select the Display images when the page opens checkbox.

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