What is the difference between the Download Only product and the Box Set?

Getting the BASIC box set is the exact same thing as getting the Download Only product - the only difference is that you will have backup CDs to install with which are especially useful if you are installing it on a computer with an erratic internet connection.

The BASIC box set also comes with the printed copies of two of our eBooks, both of which you may download in PDF format if you choose to get the Download Only products.

If you choose to get our products as Download Only, your license key will be placed in your BrillKids Account Management page immediately, which means you can download the product and start using it as soon as possible. You will not be shipped any product, and this is why it is much more cost effective to get the Download Only product.

If you choose to get the BASIC box set, you will still have access to downloading your software and license keys from your BrillKids Account Management page, but you will also be sent a backup box set to your shipping address.

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