How to install your BrillKids Software using the CDs in your kit

Please follow the steps below to install your BrillKids learning system from your installer disc:

  • Insert the BrillKids Software Installer Disc in your computer's CD-ROM drive. An installation wizard will guide you through the whole process of installing the BrillKids software on your computer.
  • Follow the prompts during installation, and immediately after completing the setup process, your software will open.


Once you have successfully installed your software, the next things you need to do is import your content files and license key. Please refer to these articles for instructions on how to do these:


Importing your Content from CDs

Importing your License Key

Note: For Little Math/Little Musician, simply follow the same procedure while using your Little Math/Little Musician CDs and license key.


You may also access your software, license key and content downloads from your BrillKids Account as an alternative to using your installer and content discs. Kindly refer to these pages for detailed instructions on how to download and install BrillKids learning system from your BrillKids Account:


Installing and Setting Up Your Little Reader

Installing and Setting Up Your Little Math

Installing and Setting Up Your Little Musician



NOTE: Little Math (v1.6.370 or older versions) can only be installed and run while logged in as an Administrator in your computer; otherwise the software will not run correctly. If you are experiencing errors after installing Little Math, please reinstall it in your computer's Administrator account.

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