My software crashes during or after the upgrade. What should I do?

Sometimes you may encounter problems when you upgrade your software directly from the upgrade pop-up alert (this appears when you open your software), such as:

  • Little Reader or Little Math crashes in the middle of the upgrade process,
  • After the upgrade, Little Reader or Little Math crashes frequently when I open it, or
  • After the upgrade, Little Reader or Little Math no longer opens.


The most common cause for this type of problem is an unstable Internet connection. During the upgrade, your BrillKids software downloads the installer file for the latest version from our server and automatically runs the installation process for you. If your Internet connection is interrupted (even if it's only for a very short time), this will cause any of the issues listed above.


Make sure that your Internet connection is stable before starting the upgrade or that it does not get disconnected at any time while you are upgrading your BrillKids software. If you are unsure about your Internet connection, it's best to simply skip the automatic upgrade by clicking on No in the upgrade pop-up alert.


NOTE: Make sure that you backup your personal (or downloaded) lessons before proceeding with the upgrade and save a copy of it outside the BrillKids folder in your computer (e.g., save it in your Desktop or My Documents). You can use the Export function or the Backup function to do this.


You can then upgrade your software later by downloading the installer for the latest version from your BrillKids Account.

  1. Sign in to your BrillKids Account and go to the Purchases section for the software you want to upgrade.


    For detailed instructions on how to get your software installer from your BrillKids Account, see:
  2. When you open the installer file, you will notice that the wizard automatically detects that you currently have an older version of Little Reader or Little Math installed. Simply click Install and follow the prompts to finish the upgrade.

  3. Once the upgrade process is finished, open your software and see if the problem was fixed. In case your personal lessons are missing, simply import the backup file you created earlier.



If you are still having problems after doing the steps above, send us a message using our Contact Form. Please make sure you attach a Diagnostic Report to your message so we can troubleshoot immediately. For instructions on how to create a Diagnostic Report, click here.


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