Exporting BrillKids copyright content

Whenever you try to export Little Reader, Little Math or Little Musician content with media owned and created by BrillKids, you may get this warning message:

(100) NOTE: You are exporting BrillKids copyright content.
Users without the exact same language license will not be able to use this file.

This means that the content you are exporting is copyright-protected. These files may be exported, but primarily for personal use.

Here's what you CAN do with the file you exported:

  • You may export these files to serve as a back-up for yourself  in the future;
  • You may export a translated version of these files for personal use

Here's what you CAN'T do with the file you exported:

  • You may not upload this file to the BrillKids File Library;
  • You may not share this file without prior written consent from BrillKids

When other people import your file, they may not be able to see any content, because these files will appear for you because they are unlocked by your license key. This is how our programs protect our copyright.


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