How to create and edit a Child Profile in your BrillKids software

To edit the settings for Child Profile, click the Child Profile button at the upper-left corner of your BrillKids software and click the Customize button.

In the Edit Child Details window, you can manage your profiles in the Child List section from the left side, and customize the settings in the Settings section from the right side.

After you finish customizing the settings, click Save to save the settings for the selected profile, or click Cancel to undo any changes for the selected profile.


Child List

In the Child List section, a list of all profiles is shown here. You can use the buttons below the profile list to change how the profiles are listed as well as edit, delete, and add new profiles.


  • New - Create a new profile.
  • Edit - Select the profile you want to rename and click this button.
  • Delete - Select the profile you want to delete and click this button.
  • Up/Down Arrow - Change how the profiles are arranged by dragging and dropping the profiles, or by using the Up/Down Arrow buttons.



From the Settings section, you can edit the settings for your Child profile under the General and Defaults tabs.

The General Tab

In the General tab, you can change the general settings for your Child Profile.


  • Name - Create a name for the profile.
  • Description - Write down a description for the profile. The description will be shown when you hover the mouse over the profile picture.
  • Change - To add a profile picture, click this button and Choose, and locate the image you want to use in your computer. On the other hand, click this button and Clear to remove an existing profile picture.
  • Applicable Courses - Choose which courses will be shown in your BrillKids software when the selected profile is activated.


NOTE: The following feature is only available in Little Math Pro.

The Defaults Tab

In the Defaults tab, you can change the default Voice and Word Sets for lessons. Choosing a default Voice or Word Set will enable Little Math to automatically play lessons using them.


  • Default Voice Set – Choose a Voice Set that will be used during playback when By Default is selected in the sound settings for a lesson.
  • Default Word Set – Choose a Word Set that will be used during playback when By Default is selected in the word settings for a lesson with Word Display type.


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